Photo of a research laboratory.
Published on: Nov 28, 2018

Penn State’s Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories (EESL) announced a call for proposals for seed grant funding that will support energy and environmental research conducted in EESL facilities. The call is open to undergraduate and graduate students at any Penn State campus.

The goal of the call is to encourage Penn State students who are interested in conducting energy or environmental research.

“EESL wants to help students, both undergraduate and graduate, learn how to formulate their research questions, sharpen their proposal- and report-writing skills, but most importantly, support their analytical needs in the fields of energy and environmental sustainability by offering needed funding,” said Odette Mina, managing director of EESL.

Up to $2,500 is available for accepted proposals, which are due by Jan. 15, 2019. All of the details and requirements are available at

About EESL

EESL is a part of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment, one of seven interdisciplinary research institutes at Penn State. With more than 500 faculty, staff and students advancing the energy and environmental research missions of the University, IEE works to build teams of researchers from different disciplines to see how new partnerships and new ways of thinking can solve some of the world’s most difficult energy and environmental challenges.