PubMed Central Assistance

PubMed Central provides space to archive journal articles. PRI faculty must deposit all NIH-supported publications in PubMed Central. Please fill out this form so we can submit your manuscripts to PubMed Central.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rachel Charney.

PRI News

We showcase PRI faculty, research, awards, events, and funding throughout the year in our news section. Please let us know if you have news to share, such as a new grant, a forthcoming publication, or a new position or award.
Contact Jennifer Glick or Rachel Charney. We'd love to hear about it.

Posters and Presentations

Official PowerPoint Templates

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Poster Printing

Printing Services

There are several options available for printing scientific posters at Penn State. Note that the PRI does not provide funds to pay for printing at a service outside of the University.

  • University Printing Services
  • Engineering Copy Center
  • Multimedia and Print Center

PRI Poster Printing Policy

PRI associates and graduate students are responsible for arranging the printing of their own posters. Graduate students who are on the program for a PAA meeting can get one copy of a poster printed on PRI funds. The PRI will not provide funding for reprints. Contact Rachel Charney for more information.

Acknowledge PRI Support

PRI provides assistance to faculty affiliates at all stages of the research process. You may have received help with your grant application, budget management, programming, statistical consulting and training, restricted data access, desktop support, data storage, computer server maintenance, or project meeting scheduling. If you received assistance from the PRI, please acknowledge the PRI in your research publications.

Suggested Acknowledgment:

We acknowledge assistance provided by the Population Research Institute at Penn State University, which is supported by an infrastructure grant by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (P2CHD041025).

Data Dissemination

Along with the Penn State Libraries, we can help prepare and implement data management plans for you.

The Population Research Institute's (PRI) Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) Core provides research support services at all stages of the funded research cycle including disseminating the results of your research. The Core staff can assist you with depositing your research in appropriate depositories and ensuring compliance with agency and journal requirements. The CSA Core is available to help you determine the best option for your particular situation. Contact the CSA Core at to discuss your needs and to learn how we can support your project.

Copy Editing

The grant review process is incredibly competitive. PRI can provide support and cover the fees of a copy editor for grant proposals submitted to federal agencies or foundations by PRI faculty associates and affiliates; The principal investigator must be a PRI Faculty Affiliate or Associate. It is up to the principal investigator to make arrangements with a copy editor. Keep in mind that copy editors will need time to work so arrangements should be made well ahead of any submission deadlines. Contact Diane Diviney to make arrangements for reimbursement or payment of invoiced fees.