Connell dark hair and beard with jacket and tie

Christian Connell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family, Human Development and Family Studies
Associate Director, Child Maltreatment Solutions Network

Headshot of Andrew Fenelon with brown hair, a blue and white checkered shirt, red tie, and brown jacket.

Andrew Fenelon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Sociology, School of Public Policy

Headshot of Douglas Leslie in front of a blue background wearing a grey shirt and red tie.

Douglas L. Leslie, Ph.D.

Professor and Chief of Division of Health Services and Behavioral Research, Department of Public Health Sciences

Headshot of Xiaoyue Niu with black hair and pink and white blouse.

Xiaoyue (Maggie) Niu, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor, Managing Director Statistical Consulting Center, Department of Statistics

Headshot of Asher Rosinger in front of a staircase with short, dark hair wearing a suit and tie.

Asher Yoel Rosinger, Ph.D.

Ann Atherton Hertzler Early Career Professor, Biobehavioral Health
Assistant Professor, Anthropology / Demography

Headshot of Nicolas Sacco with black hair, beard, and black shirt with multi-colored print.

Nicolas Sacco, Ph.D.

Coordinator - Graduate Programs in Applied Demography, Demography
Assistant Teaching Professor, Sociology / Demography

Headshot of Dawn Witherspoon with curly dark hair wearing a white dress shirt.

Dawn Paula Witherspoon, Ph.D.

McCourtney Family Early Career Professor, Psychology
Associate Professor, Psychology

Headshot of Katherine Zipp with long brown hair, glasses, and black top.

Katherine Y. Zipp, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education