Book cover for Rural Families and Communities in the United States.
Published on: Oct 30, 2018

The most recent volume in the Family Symposium book series is now available from Springer Publishing. “Families and Technology” focuses on the roles of parents in monitoring children’s screen time, of technology in relationship formation, and technology in changing family dynamics.

The book is based on Penn State’s 2017 National Symposium on Family Issues and features cross disciplinary perspectives on current trends in the role of technology in couple and family contexts. Contributions include identification of new research opportunities as family roles and structures continue evolve with technology.

“Families and Technology” is available online and in paperback. Students and faculty can read the book online or download chapters by searching the title in Penn State’s CAT system which will bring readers to the SpringerLink page. The paperback edition is available for $24.95 for purchase at

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