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Gender and the Reallocation of Time Later in Life

by Suzanne M. Bianchi, Professor of Sociology and Dorothy Meier Chair in Social Equity, University of California, Los Angeles

Given the dominant trend in Western societies toward increased female labor force participation, there has understandably been a great deal of exploration of women’s time allocation and gender equality in market and nonmarket work during the childrearing years. Much less well conceptualized or studied empirically is what happens to women’s (and men’s) time and to the gender division of labor later in life, as children exit the parental home and women (and men) approach retirement. The presentation will discuss illustrative findings from a number of datasets that provide insights into women’s (and men’s) time allocation at a point in the life course when women’s and men’s work and family demands may again be more similar than during the childrearing years.


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8:50 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Nancy Landale, Director, Population Research Institute, Penn State

9:00 Gender and the Reallocation of Time Later in Life

Suzanne M. Bianchi, Professor of Sociology and Dorothy Meier Chair in Social Equity, University of California, Los Angeles

Introduced by Paul Amato, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Family Studies, Penn State

9:50 Break

10:00 Discussants

Frances Goldscheider, University Professor of Sociology, emerita, Brown University; College Park Professor, Family Science Department, University of Maryland

Introduced by John Iceland, Professor of Sociology and Demography, Penn State

Valarie King, Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Human Development & Family Studies, Penn State

Introduced by Alan Booth, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Human Development & Family Studies, Penn State

10:50 Floor Discussion

Presider: Jennifer Van Hook, Associate Professor of Sociology, Penn State

11:30 Reception – Nittany Lion Inn Ballrom DE

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Suzanne M. Bianchi

Suzanne M. Bianchi is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Dorothy Meier Chair in Social Equities at UCLA. Prior to joining the UCLA faculty in July 2009, she was Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland where she was recognized as a Distinguished Scholar-Teacher in 2003-04. She is a Past President of the Population Association of America (PAA). Professor Bianchi’s research focuses on the American family, time use and gender equality. Her work chronicles changing parental investments in childrearing, unpaid work in the home and market work from 1965 to the present. Her 2006 ASA Rose Monograph, Changing Rhythms of American Family Life (co-authored with John Robinson and Melissa Milkie) won book awards from both the Population and the Family Sections of ASA. Dr. Bianchi has written extensively on family change and is currently working on projects investigating intergenerational caregiving, using vignettes to assess attitudes toward intergenerational co-residence. A newly-funded project for Dr. Bianchi focuses on geographic proximity of adult children and elderly parents. She is collaborating on research on gender differences in cross-household, cross-generation exchanges of time, the topic of her presentation for the De Jong Lecture.

Discussant Profiles

Frances Goldscheider is Professor of Sociology, emerita, at Brown University and College Park Professor of Family Science at the University of Maryland. Her studies on living arrangements include analyses of trends in living alone among the elderly, leaving and returning home among young adults, entry into unions (marital and cohabiting), and new forms of fatherhood, including single, absent and household (step). Dr. Goldscheider has also studied men’s, women’s, and children’s roles in the household division of labor. She has written numerous books and scholarly articles, including New Families, No Families? The Transformation of the American Home (with Linda Waite). Her major research focus is on the demography of fatherhood in the US and Sweden. 

Valarie King is Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Human Development & Family Studies at Penn State. She studies intergenerational relationships across the life course. Her recent work includes a multi-year project supported by NICHD examining the role of nonresident fathers in the lives of their children and the consequences of this involvement for child well-being. Findings from this project have been published or are forthcoming in numerous outlets including Journal of Marriage and Family, American Sociological Review, and Demography. Dr. King has conducted research on stepfamilies, grandparent-grandchild relationships, and cohabitation among older adults. She currently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Marriage and Family and Journal of Family Issues.

Lecture Sponsors

The De Jong Lecture is supported by the Gordon F. and Caroline M. De Jong Lectureship in Social Demography Endowment, administered jointly (and supplemented as necessary) by the Department of Sociology and the Population Research Institute at Penn State. Gordon F. De Jong is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Demography, Director of the Graduate Program in Demography, and Senior Scientist with the Population Research Institute at Penn State. Caroline M. De Jong, a former middle school teacher, has been involved in numerous community, church, and university related organizations including the American Association of University Women, Stay-and-Play Nursery School, Presbyterian Women, and the Centre County Board of Elections.

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