Becoming an Affiliate or Associate

The Population Research Institute receives external funding from the Population Infrastructure Program of the Population Dynamics Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). Because PRI is evaluated by NICHD on an ongoing basis, we are required to limit membership to individuals whose work advances our mission of promoting population research.

Become a PRI Research Associate
Become a PRI Research Affiliate
Membership Expectations

Become a PRI Research Associate

PRI research associates are scholars with clear and demonstrated interests in demographic research topics. Research associates hold Penn State academic appointments and are appointed based on evidence of an active program of population-related research and consistent past, current and/or anticipated success in obtaining population-related external research funding.

Reviews of research associate status are conducted by the Internal Advisory Committee every five years, prior to the submission of PRI's application for refunding.

Potential applicants who wish to become a PRI associate should initiate the process by meeting with the PRI director to discuss the application process. Applicants are asked to provide a statement regarding their population-related training and research activity as well as a current vita. These materials are circulated to members of the PRI Advisory Board. A majority vote of the Advisory Board members is required to become a PRI associate.

Become a PRI Research Affiliate

PRI research affiliates differ from research associates in several ways. Research affiliates potentially have a shorter-term association with PRI. They may have an emerging population-related research agenda or a current population-related research project that could benefit from participation in PRI. Research affiliates from Penn State must hold a Ph.D. in a relevant discipline but do not need a faculty appointment in an academic department.

Research affiliates may also reside at other academic, research, or governmental institutions, but those from outside Penn State must demonstrate a significant involvement in a collaborative relationship with a Penn State PRI researcher. They must also hold a Ph.D. in a relevant discipline.

Affiliate appointments are made by the PRI director for the length of a grant or another specified time period (usually between one and three years). At the end of a term, affiliates may reapply for affiliate status or apply to become a research associate.

Individuals who wish to become a PRI affiliate should contact the PRI director. They will be asked to meet with the Director and to provide a letter of application and current vita. As is the case for PRI Associates, additional reviews of affiliates will be undertaken prior to the submission of PRI's application for a new five-year cycle of refunding.

Membership Expectations

Because PRI is a NICHD-supported center and our renewal is based on the effectiveness of the PRI community in promoting population research, it is important that all members of the center contribute to our mission.

PRI Associates and Affiliates are Expected to:

    • Have an active program of population research, with population research defined broadly
    • Be actively involved in PRI through activities like attending seminars, presenting their research, participating in interest groups, mentoring junior faculty, and participating in the governance of the Institute
    • Contribute to the NIH Center Grant renewal process, to submit materials required for the production of the annual report, and deposit all population-related peer-reviewed research articles in the PubMedCentral database

Associates and Affiliates are Encouraged to:

    • Publish in major demographic and population journals
    • Become active members of the Population Association of America
    • Submit external grant proposals to the major demographic funding agencies

For more information, contact:
Jennifer Glick