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Couples in Conflict

From the Preface

Couple conflict is an important antecedent of domestic violence, ineffective parenting, and marital dissolution, phenomena that threaten the strong functioning of contemporary families and the adults and children living in families. As such, couple conflict is a topic of critical importance to family scholars and those charged with developing policies and programs in this area. Not all couple conflict is damaging, however. Indeed, a thread running through this volume is that constructive conflict and negotiation is beneficial for relationships. Together, the chapters in this volume provide a foundation for thinking about creative ways in which our society can work to prevent or minimize destructive couple conflict and to enhance couples' abilities to constructively handle their differences.

What Are the Societal and Bio-Evolutionary Underpinnings of Couple Conflict?

Lead Speakers: Martin Daly and Margo Wilson, McMaster University

Jay Belsky, Pennsylvania State University
Frances Goldscheider, Brown University
Rena Repetti, University of California, Los Angeles

What Are the Interpersonal Roots of Couple Conflict? What Are Consequences for Individuals and Couples?

Lead Speaker: Thomas Bradbury, University of California, Los Angeles

Steven Beach, University of Georgia, Athens
Michael Johnson, Pennsylvania State University
James Cordova, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

What Effects Does Couple Conflict Have on Children? How Do Individual Differences in Children Moderate These Effects?

Lead Speaker: Mark Cummings, University of Notre Dame

Christy Miller Buchanan, Wake Forest University
Rand Conger, Iowa State University
John Grych, Marquette University

What Policies and Programs Influence Couple Conflict? What Works? What Doesn't Work? Where Do We Go from Here?

Lead Speaker: Matt Sanders, Queensland University, Australia

Richard Gelles, University of Pennsylvania
Theodora Ooms, Family Impact Seminar
Robert Emery, University of Virginia

Book Citation

Booth, Alan, Ann C. Crouter, and Mari Clements (2001). Couples in Conflict. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

To purchase the book: www.psypress.com

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