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Location Penn State University
The New Population Problem

Many women in the developed world are electing to have fewer children or none, to delay childbearing (often until the chances of becoming pregnant are greatly reduced), and to have children outside of marriage. Adults appear to be less interested in investing in children than in the past. What factors do individuals take into account when deciding to have only one child or none? This symposium examined the factors leading to contemporary fertility patterns in developed countries and what they portend for union formation, the well-being of children and adults, and the integrity of the society as a whole.

Contemporary patterns and trends in US fertility: Where have we come from, and where are we headed?

Lead Speakers: S. Philip Morgan and Kellie Hagewen, Duke University

Kelly Raley, University of Texas, Austin
Belinda Tucker, University of California, Los Angeles
Suzanne Bianchi, University of Maryland

How do social and cultural values and attitudes shape fertility patterns in the developed world?

Lead Speaker: Jennifer Barber and William Axinn, University of Michigan

Shelly Lundberg, University of Washington
Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania
Duane Alwin, Pennsylvania State University

How and why is fertility tied to marriage-or not?

Lead Speaker: Elizabeth Thomson, University of Wisconsin

Sara Jaffee, University of Pennsylvania
Harriet Presser, University of Maryland
Nancy Landale, Pennsylvania State University

What are the long-term consequences of current fertility trends for individuals, families, and society?

Christine Bachrach, National Institute of Child Health and Development
Rosalind King, National Institute of Child Health and Development
Anita Yuan, UCLA
Lynn White, University of Nebraska
Daniel Lichter, Ohio State University
Jillian Wooton, Ohio State University
Panel discussion: Phil Morgan, William Axinn, Jennifer Barber, Elizabeth Thomson

Book Citation
Booth, Alan and Ann C. Crouter (2005). The New Population Problem: Why Families in Developed Countries Are Shrinking and What it Means. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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