2nd Annual Symposium -- Family-School Links: How Do They Affect Educational Outcomes?

Date 10/31/94 to 11/01/94
Location Penn State University

From the Preface

The topic of the links between families and schools and how these affect children's educational achievement encompasses a host of questions, each of key social and educational significance. How far does parental involvement in schools affect children's experiences and achievement at school? What explains the great differences between schools, families, and communities in the extent of such involvement? Are these differences a matter of school practices, or do they reflect much broader social and cultural divisions? What is the nature of the impact of schools on children and their families? And, most importantly, how can family-school partnerships be fostered in a way that helps children?

Families and Schools: How Can They Work Together to Promote Children's School Success?

Lead Speaker: Jacquelynn Eccles, University of Michigan

Sanford Dornbusc, Stanford University
Norris Haynes, Yale University
Annette Lareau, Temple University

How Do School Processes Affect Children and Their Families?

Lead Speakers: Karl Alexander and Doris Entwisle, Johns Hopkins University

Thomas Cook, Northwestern University
Adam Gamoran, University of Wisconsin
Claude Goldenburg, University of California at Los Angeles

How Is Changing Family Structure Affecting School Outcomes?

Lead Speaker: Nicholas Zill, Westat

Robert Mare, University of Wisconsin
Elizabeth Menaghan, Ohio State University
Diane Scott Jones, Temple University

Building Research and Policy Agendas: New Directions

Lead Speaker: Joyce Epstein, Johns Hopkins University

Gary Lloyd, Center for Families in Education, State of Utah, Department of Education
Oliver Moles, Office of Research, U.S. Department of Education
Daniel Lichter, The Pennsylvania State University

Book Citation

Booth, Alan and Judith F. Dunn (1996). Family-School Links: How Do They Affect Educational Outcomes?. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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