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Penn State Stratification Conference: Residential Inequality in American Neighborhoods and Communities

Leading researchers will present 20 papers that highlight how stratification intersects with the residential landscape of the United States. Thematic sessions examine the linkages between socioeconomic and ethnoracial statuses and four spatial sorting processes: segregation, locational attainment, residential mobility, and neighborhood change. State-of-the-art substantive work is featured, with many of the papers employing innovative methods or data to speak to issues of both theoretical and policy importance. The program format is designed to encourage interaction among attendees.

21st Annual Population Research Institute Graduate Student Methodology Workshop: On Applied Demography

Featured Presenters

  • Dr. David A. Swanson (University of California-Riverside)
  • Dr. Narzul Hoque (University of Houston)
  • Dr. Gordon De Jong (Penn State)
  • Dr. Marianne Hillemeier (Penn State)  

What: 21st Annual PRI Graduate Student Methodology Workshop
When: Tuesday, June 24th 8:30am - 12:00pm
Where: Nittany Lion Inn, Ballroom C

9th Annual De Jong Lecture on Social Demography

Well-Being in Same-Sex Relationships

Lead Speaker
Wendy Manning, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, National Center for Family and Marriage Research, Bowling Green State University  

Building Restricted-Use Data Support Services Webinar

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an introduction to developing restricted-use data support services. We will cover why data is restricted-use, what types of restricted use data agreements you could encounter, university/research administration involvement and support, computing and physical location security, media storage and security, and publication output restrictions. The webinar will provide several illustrations of (a) applications; (b) step-by-step example of how a restricted-use project is managed; and (c) gotchas to avoid.

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PAA 2014

Information on PRI faculty and students will be presenting papers and posters and serving as session chairs and discussants at the Population Association of America (PAA) 2014 Annual Meeting

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Life Course Workshop: "Childhood Immigration and the Life Course"

Life course theory provides a useful framework for the study of immigration. The interest in the study of childhood immigration status from the perspective of events and exposures during childhood and their potential long-term consequences for adult well-being challenges both contemporary theory and research design.

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Mini-PAA Conference

This Conference will include a 30 minute time span of various poster presentations, followed by 1 hour and 20 minutes of presentations on topics related to demography, and then another 30 minute time span of various poster presentations. Each session/presentation will be presented by various graduate students associated with the Population Research Institute and the Graduate Program in Demography.

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