About PRI

Who We Are

A community of population scientists

Penn State Oswald Tower The Population Research Institute is a multidisciplinary center that supports innovative population research. PRI promotes a dynamic, talented, and collaborative research community with over 100 faculty researchers.  Established over four decades ago at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 1992 with generous supplemental support from PSU, this vibrant, multidisciplinary center provides strategic resources to support innovative, high impact population research. Read more for a short history of PRI.

How We Can Help You

Deliver resources that support population research

PRI’s overarching aim is to advance the scientific understanding of human population dynamics and processes, especially as they relate to PRI’s five primary research areas:

  • Communities, Neighborhoods and Spatial Processes
  • Immigration and Immigrant Integration
  • Social Change and Changing Families
  • Population Health
  • The Causes and Consequences of Crime.

PRI contributes to collaborative research partnerships and the development of junior scholars through seed funding and consultation, seminars, symposia, working groups and other forums.

PRI fosters novel approaches and methods that can make important and cutting edge contributions to population research. PRI staff members provide high-quality, comprehensive research support services in spatial methods, data acquisition and management, and programming and statistics.

PRI helps researchers be more productive by reducing the barriers and burdens associated with research administration. PRI secures resources for population science, provides comprehensive pre- and post-award grant services for PRI faculty, and ensures that researchers remain in compliance with the regulations and requirements of the University, IRB, and funding agencies.