Seed Funding from PRI

PRI invites applications for seed grant funding that are interdisciplinary, innovative, likely to have special scientific impact, and related to our signature themes.

We anticipate making several awards with a budget of up to $10,000 each to provide support to develop proposals for external funding. Activities supported by new seed funding may include a course buyout for the lead investigator at a flat rate of $7,500, which has been negotiated with PRI-affiliated academic departments.

Other services and research needs may also be supported such as:

    • Pilot data collection
    • Research site visits
    • Consultant travel
    • Bioassay work
    • Special census tabulations
    • Supplementary research assistance

*Hardware purchases are not supported through the seed funding program.

Seed funding proposals will be judged by the:

    • Clarity of the proposal
    • Demographic importance of the research problem and questions
    • Innovativeness
    • Appropriateness of the proposed procedures
    • Clear time table for external funding submission plans
    • Likelihood that the objectives will be achieved

All Penn State PRI faculty Associates and Affiliates are invited to apply.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the usual criteria of scientific merit in demography. Proposals will be evaluated by an internal committee comprised of PRI associates, and applicants will be notified of funding approximately three weeks after submission. Expenditures of awards can begin immediately and must be spent within a year of receipt. Seed grant recipients will be expected to submit a proposal for external funding and a short annual progress report to PRI (required each year until the proposal is submitted).

Additionally, new investigators (who have never been PI on a funded project) are expected to attend monthly peer mentoring meetings, and experienced investigators are expected to provide feedback at least once on a colleague’s grant application. 

Proposals must be submitted using the Funding Submission Form via email to Michelle Frisco.