Project Website Development

The Population Research Institute's (PRI) Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) Core provides research support services at all stages of the funded research cycle including establishing and maintaining a website for your project. A website can be a valuable tool for communicating about your research program. A project website can be used to coordinate your research activities with your collaborators, to support Web-based data collection, or to publicize the results of your research.

There are a variety of services available to PRI researchers for project websites and there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate solution for your research project. The CSA Core is available to help you to determine the best option to meet the needs of your project. The Core staff can also assist you with establishing and maintaining the website for your project. Contact the CSA Core at to discuss your needs and to learn how we can support your project.

Personal Web space
Penn State's Personal Web space enables you to maintain Web pages on the Web server Penn State students, faculty, and staff can get up to 10GB of space.
Sites at Penn State
An easy and quick tool powered by WordPress, Sites at Penn State allows Penn State faculty, staff, and students to create websites and/or blogs.
Penn State VM Hosting
Penn State VM Hosting allows you to operate your own server. You have complete administrative control over the configuration and available services. VM Hosting takes care of the physical components. is a Penn State operated instance of GitLab, a platform for hosting Git-based version control repositories similar to GitHub or Bitbucket. Each project space also includes an issue tracker for managing your project's tasks and a wiki-style website.
WikiSpaces is a service that allows any Penn State faculty or staff member to create a wiki-style website.
Scholarsphere is a Web-based data/file sharing service from the Penn State Libraries.
REDCap is Web-based data collection software from the Clinical and Transitional Science Institutes.