PRI Working Groups

Family Working Group
The PRI Family Working Group is a place where scholars from a diverse range of departments come together to discuss and investigate how families adapt to shifting social and economic conditions (such as changing cultural norms, a changing global economy, and the changing nature of the workforce), as well as shifts in family forms themselves, and how the associated shifts in family dynamics and relationships are influencing family member’s well-being.

Contact Molly Martin for more information or to join this group.


Population Health Working Group
PRI-supported working group focuses on Population Health Research.

Contact JD Daw for more information or to join this group.


Workshops on Life Course and Longitudinal Studies
(Co-sponsored by PRI and the Center for Life Course and Longitudinal Studies)
This workshop series will focus on the theme “How Long is the ‘Long Arm of Childhood’” with workshops aimed at engaging discussion among participants on available theory and data that address the life course principle that early life experiences and exposures shape later life outcomes.

Contact Duane Alwin and/or Marianne Hillemeier for more information.


Changing American Neighborhoods and Communities (CANAC)
Focuses on issues that arise in research where spatial units -- ranging from rural hamlets to major metropolises -- are central to the phenomenon under investigation.

Contact Barry Lee, Chris Fowler, or Corina Graif for more information.


Sociology of Education Group
This group offers an interdisciplinary forum of faculty and graduate students to discuss the current issues in the field of sociology and education. The purposes of the monthly meetings are to share work with colleagues, to receive feedback, and to create networks for future projects. It is a great opportunity for graduate students to present their work in a friendly environment.

Contact Soo-young Byun for more information.


Social Network Interest Group
The purpose of the Social Network Interest Group is to bring together scholars who are engaged in social network analysis, i.e., they examine patterns among the social ties of a set of factors.

Contact Diane Felmlee for more information.


Immigration and Immigrant Incorporation
The Immigration working group provides a forum for faculty members, postdocs, and senior graduate student to discuss research on the incorporation of immigrants. It focuses on emerging issues in immigration research, ideas for grant development, and the provision of feedback on advanced works in progress. The group meets monthly and encourages collaborative research on the social, economic, and health outcomes of immigrants and their children.

Contact Kevin Thomas for more information.


Innovative Methods Working Group
The past few decades have witnessed a rapid increase in new analytical methods for social science and population research. It is important to keep abreast of the development of innovative methods, because that will help population researchers to conduct rigorous research in a competitive way. The goal of this working group on Innovative Methods is to keep PRI scholars informed of novel, state-of-the-art, analytic methods that could be useful for research. This working group is organized mostly by meetings and invited presentations.

Contact Diane Felmlee and/or Guangqing Chi for more information.