Use of regulated/biohazardous materials in research and instruction

The primary responsibility of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is to review research and teaching activities involving the use of materials that have the potential to pose a danger to the health and safety of researchers and the community. This includes oversight of the recombinant DNA melecules and biohazards.
Anyone utilizing regulated biohazardous materials in teaching or in research at any campus or college (excluding the College of Medicine) must submit an application describing their proposed use to the IBC for review and approval prior to utilizing the materials. Please see SY24 for a complete list of materials defined as " regulated biohazardous materials". In addition, SY24 addresses other important topics such as proper infectious-waste disposal and handling of human blood and tissue samples.
More information about the IBC review processs is available at the Office for Research Protection IBC website.