Penn State Research Portal is now publicly accessible

The Penn State Research Portal, Penn State's new research networking tool, is now publicly accessible.
This website is a resource to identify collaborators and mentors both within Penn State and among the more than 300 institutions worldwide that use Pure, the application that powers the website. Pure is part of a suite of applications from Elsevier that populates, stores and allows retrieval of information on investigators and research units, including research output such as publications.

The Pure system includes up to 5,000 faculty researchers throughout all Penn State colleges and campuses. Faculty are encouraged to update their Pure profiles and include a narrative of up to 300 words about research interests. Other things that can be included are education and training history, honors and awards and official Penn State photos. Grant information, research projects, patents and instrumentation (core facilities) are expected to be added to Pure later this year.

Learn more and request profile updates here. Penn State Research Portal replaces the Penn State Profiles website.